About us

Prisma Tech Private Limited

Prisma Tech Private Limited (PTPL) was incorporated in Pakistan in 2017 and is highly honored to be serving as the first and the only manufacturer of Solid Surface Material in Pakistan till date with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons

Our produced surfaces are helping millions across Pakistan to covert their creative ideas in to reality through thermoforming. The concept of continuously innovating represents the very foundation of Prisma Tech, and through these efforts, we are working to build up on a track record of operational excellence and contribute widely to your dreams.

CEO’s Message:

PTPL was a dream couple of years ago but now its a reality with vision of being the most reliable, trusted and preferred source of Solid Surface Sheets globally.
It gives immense pleasure to say that PTPL is the first and the only plant producing Solid Surface Sheets in Pakistan We have production capacity that is not only meeting the requirement of Pakistan market but give us the opportunity to export it.

We believe that its not the product alone that is driving factor of any company’s success, It is good corporate values, customer trust and motivated team. As a company we shall not only be investing in the development/expansion of our market but our main focus shall be the development and betterment of our people that involves employees, stakeholders and the society.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our team and partners and all stakeholders that are actually making our end-user creative ideas change into reality, by their hard work and dedication. Keep dreaming and innovating, and PTPL shall not disappoint you.

Mission statement and Corporate Strategy:

We will

1- Supply highest quality locally manufactured products complying with the international standards.

2- Continuously innovate solid surface material through state-of-the-art technology and research, yet keeping them at affordable prices to achieve sustain growth in order to meet customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

3- Continue to be the market leader by offering unparalleled services through innovation, integrity and performing our duties in most ethical manner at both individual and organizational level.

4- Provide our young talent with opportunity to grow through motivation, on-job training programs and performance-based rewards and shall strive to produce leaders with inculcated culture based on highest ethical standards.

5- Pay special attention to well being and safety of our employees and stakeholder.


To be the most reliable, trusted and, preferred source of Solid Surface Sheets globally.

Our Values:


Building credibility in relationships through delivering state of the art products, ensuring our customers get highly competitive and quality-based products backed up by the quality assurance tests made by our highly efficient technical and sales team

Stakeholders’ Interest

Establishing a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with our stakeholders by safeguarding their interests that would enable our stakeholders to see us as a partner


We aim to build a conducive environment for innovation and invention that shall enable us to keep a leading position not only as a preferred partner but as an employer as well.


Treating people with respect and dignity will enable us to develop an environment that will promote humility and preaches tolerance towards diversity of ideologies, people, beliefs and system

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